Siblings in distress

It’s a joke, mind!

Here I am,with my other three siblings.  I always find it strange to view and interact with those who have marched onward in their allotted roles.   It’s not even an issue of my having directly rebelled (although I certainly did that).   I just couldn’t figure out, intellectually, the purpose of reproduction and going to churches.   I had expected the others would have fallen as much out of the loop as I had.   Logic and cultural context might have suggested this scenario.   Nonetheless, I am the only atheist, the only one who finds conservatism nearly impossible to comprehend.

My sister, second left, is a Christian of the mainstream, evangelical sort. Her position is quite extreme on matters of religion. The third youngest (next in line) is sympathetic with certain tenets of Islamic ethics, having stayed in Dubai.   It’s unlikely he is entirely joking.   The youngest, last in line, has just come back to my home city to have his second child “christened”.   All three are conservative:  married, with children.

I might have been dreaming, but the minute I blink my eyes, someone is putting a child into my lap. It’s very robust, kicks around like you would not believe.   Imagine having that stored in your belly for nine months — the sort of cramps it’d give you.

I assure everybody that I’m really not “getting it”, these days.  It’s worse than usual.  


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