Detachment: shamanic knowledge versus Meltzer’s "object relations"

I now conclude that the “epistemophilic” instinct, spoken of by Meltzer, is something very different from shamanic knowledge, at least as I have studied it in Marechera. The epistemophilic instinct leads to the generation of an ideological framework. You look at the world in terms of ideology — but an ideological framework is really only a framework for an abortive/masturbatory epistemology. Ideology is a claim to knowing that doesn’t come in touch with the real world. It believes it does — and yet it doesn’t.

Shamanistic knowing may encounter the seduction of essentialism (like the epistemophilic instinct encounters in order to produce its ideological outcome — which is overgeneralising about ideologically pre-formulated ‘natures’.)

Tellingly, the perspective of the shaman who RETURNS from natal or early post-natal experience is defined by a capacity for detachment from objects, rather than a state of immersion in them as the object relations school would have it . Thus, shamanistic experience produces a state akin to Buddhistic transcendence of the subjective social relations (i.e. it ultimately transcends the early infant’s consciousness that psychoanalysis describes as  “object relations”).



One thought on “Detachment: shamanic knowledge versus Meltzer’s "object relations"

  1. Exactly right, and if I may: the generation of an ideological framework removes the philosophy from the foundational worldview the shaman lives and works within. The basis for the the shamanic experience is always actual experience first, interpretation second (as I understand it), while an ideological stance is always trying to fit experience into the foundation garments and straitjackets of the Platonic Form.

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