face this:

It seems to me that the shaman is often one who has done deliberate damage to their current character structure in order to break free from the control of superego:


You cannot have the first thing you want (ie. in Freudian chitter-chatter, one’s parent — for the other parent would surely kill you). So you introject the law of the father instead, as superego, and walk around in a mode of delayed gratification — in line with what you believe are society’s expectations of you.

I like my new interpretation of Nietzsche — which involves a recipe for being shamanised (the shaman faces death). You have to get beyond yourself if you want to kill this old character structure.


Well we can put a bit of Hegel in here, too: To become master, you have to face death head on.


Your superego is keeping you a slave because you are afraid to face “death”. You fear that by doing your own thing you will surely die.

However, you need to face that sensation of death by going beyond your present version of self. That is the way to become the Overwoman.



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