The metaphysics of good and evil: a sane insanity

I’m a little busy these days. David, upon return from Thai boxing training in Thailand has us all running around and doing things in a very proper manner. I am, as a consequence, developing a proper boxing stance, and my achilles tendon is crying.

As it screams, I think of Marechera, who was a “manfish” and to this extent in limbo or dead — “subtracted” from humanity himself. A manfish is a person who has drowned, and whose spirit becomes a fish. “I’ve been a manfish all my life. Maria, you did well to leave me. I must go.” And Maria, in the short story about the benevolent mould around the hut wall, signifying moisture as the blessing of the rains, is the blessing of organic life processes. The death of “Maria”, in his short story, is the effect of drought on Nature. Political awareness is the fruit of good and evil which, once eaten, signals the end of the innocent organic life lived in Eden. Marechera — a political, rather than spiritual fellow — is dead to his tribe.

Knowledge of good and evil (politics) equals death: this is the fundamental lesson from the Garden of Eden. And yet the infinity sign twists as we travel along its line, from one side to the other. Knowledge = the promise of power;a satanic delight. Marechera takes sides with the daemonic:. a product of the spiritual “other side”.

There are always two sides of the coin and one preserves this form of the human condition through self-awareness.  Being human: a kind of sane insanity.


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