And another thing, gargants

Here’s the thing you ought to know to improve the pleasure quotient. Unfortunately, it will first bring you down to earth, thuddingly. You want to believe you have conquered a female? Try taking her on intellectually. Deal with the issues at hand, and you may prove your obvious superior capacity. Tackle what is being said to you, rather than a straw man (something which is not being said). If you can’t immediately understand what the lowly feminazi is saying to you, then try to retrieve some of the much needed immense courage which has almost deserted our species: Try putting your hand up and ask. If you still are flailing, try first to understand the reasons why without descending into further monkey tactics.

And, if you think that you can, in some capacity, actually “fight”, then at least learn the difference between low level, ongoing harrassment, and what makes up an intellectual fight.

Try to be all the things that the pitiful image of yourself in the mirror is hoping you can become.


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