How we frame things stupidly

I consumed a postcolonial book recently. It was about the British, and yeah, it was about India, and it said some stuff, some stuff about colonial culture. All of which got me thinking. What rang so true — and I didn’t expect it to — was this particular idea : In western thinking, to refer to power is “to be aggressive”.

Can you think of the problems this presents for a rational mediation of any social or political problem? If a complainant so much as THINKS that an injustice has occurred, then they are cast as an aggressor. There is no way to solve the problem for example by weeding out the injustice of a certain type of behaviour, to ensure it doesn’t happen again. There is little chance of a talking solution under this paradigm, either. Actually the value of the intellect — which is our instrument for understanding — is undermined. One has no choice but to hit out at the aggressor, possibly risking killing him –a more severe penalty on all than would have been required by the use of alternative methods of resolution.


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